Top Drawer Insurance Referral Contest!

Thank you for your referrals!

We work hard to earn your trust and maintain your business! We hope our integrity, low rates, and great customer service are what keep you here, and we depend on our valued clients such as yourself to refer their friends, family and business associates to us.

If you are happy with our service, the most sincere compliment you can give is the gift of a referral. As a thank you for your gift we are giving something back.

For every qualified referral of an Auto, Home or Business Insurance client that you provide, you will receive three $2.00 California Lottery Scratchers.

Finally, your name will be placed in a bin for our year end drawing. One lucky winner will receive $500.00.

Eligibility, Rules and Regulations

  1. No purchase is necessary, simply provide us with a qualified referral.
  2. You must be a current client of Top Drawer Insurance Services.
  3. Referrals cannot be a current client of Top Drawer Insurance Services.
  4. Referrals must be willing to provide enough information to allow us to present them with an accurate quotation.
  5. Referrals must reside in California, Oregon or Colorado.
  6. Multiple household vehicles count as one referral.
  7. Multiple vehicles on a Business Auto policy count as one referral.
  8. Antique automobiles are not considered a referral.
  9. Following are the only policies that are a part of this content: Personal Auto, Homeowners, Business Auto, Business Owners Policies, Worker’s Compensation, Professional Liability. Each of these policies that we write for a single client counts as a separate qualified referral. For example if we write both the home and the automobile policy, this counts as two qualified referrals (that’s 6 lottery tickets and two entries in the year end grand prize drawing).
  10. Unfortunately the following are not qualified referrals: A driver to young to purchase insurance; drivers that do not have a valid California, Oregon or Colorado drivers license; clients currently insured with Top Drawer Insurance Services; prospects that we have provided a quotation to in the past; prospects that are not reachable; prospects that will not provide enough information for us to provide a valid quotation.
  11. If the same customer is referred is provided by two separate clients, the second client is not eligible in this contest for that particular referral.
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